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 A Celebration of the Arts

in 2021!

 The Seasons Reinvented is an exciting year-long project with lots of ways to get involved. We will be launching our album containing twelve original pieces in a live concert on Saturday 13th November 2021. Buy tickets here!

How to get involved as a composer

We're now accepting all entries of pieces for any season/month. Your entry needs to simply be a video/recording of you playing your piece. It doesn't need to be perfect, we just need to hear your ideas! If you don't know exactly what month you are writing about, thats ok too - we will be able to help you decide. 

ENTER YOUR PIECE by sending a video or recording to us at jeni@keyspianoschool.com or by phone on 07944445363


What will happen if my composition is a winner?

You will be invited to a session at Keys with Jeni on Sunday 3rd October where you will be able to work on the details of your piece before it is typed up, ready to give to Madalina to perform for the album.

You will then be invited to the Premiers Evening to Launch the album on Saturday 13th November where your piece will be performed. Your piece will then be available to download, and via a link on The Seasons Reinvented Calendar 2022.

How to get involved as an artist

We are also accepting entries of pieces of art to reflect a month of your choice. Your entry needs to be bright and bold and at least A3 size.  

ENTER YOUR ARTWORK by bringing it to the studio in person 


What will happen if my artwork is chosen?

Your piece will be used for one of the months on

The Seasons Reinvented 2022 calendar! 

You can listen to Tchaikovsky's Seasons Op 37 performed by Madalina on our YouTube channel here.