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In November 2021 we released our first original album, "The Seasons Reinvented", containing twelve pieces composed by students. 

“The Seasons Reinvented” is a celebration of the arts by Keys Piano School, bringing together poetry, art and music in an original album, while inspiring young artists to develop and share their skills. 


At the heart of the project are Tchaikovsky’s twelve piano pieces op.37, entitled “The Seasons”. Completed in 1876, each piece represents a month of the year, and was published alongside a fitting poem. Students at Keys Piano School explored these pieces, and were challenged to write their own pictorial piece to represent a month of the year. The twelve winning composers then worked alongside Concert Pianist Madalina Rusu and Keys founder Jeni Warder to expand the ideas in their work and explore more virtuosic styles. The finished pieces have been compiled into this exciting new album, recorded and performed by Madalina.

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As well as being produced as a CD, the children’ work has been shared through a calendar, each page containing a QR code linking the listener to the recorded performance on the school’s YouTube channel. The artwork in the calendar was also produced by children at the school, which prides itself on encouraging students’ understanding in other areas of the arts. 

The album is now available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

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