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 Keys Piano School's

Celebration of the Arts

in 2021!

 The Seasons Reinvented is a an exciting year-long project with lots of ways to get involved. Keep reading to see how your ideas could be part of the very first Keys Album, or our 2022 Calendar! 

The famous composer Tchaikovsky will be a focus for our Academy students during the summer term of 2021. During our own research into the composer, we discovered his Opus 32, "The Seasons". Written as a set of 12 pieces for piano, this work contains a piece for each month of the year, and the pictorial nature of this music reflects the story-telling style Tchaikovsky was using in his ballet writing at the time. When they were published, each month was accompanied by a poem to help convey the thoughts, pictures and emotions behind each piece.


This year we would like to go one step further and invite our lovely piano community to produce their own piece of music, art, poem or dance to be part of a multi-media album to be produced at the end of the year!  

Our Head of Academy and resident performer Madalina Rusu will be recording one movement each month, which will be posted on our YouTube channel and shared on social media. We are inviting students to listen to one or all of these performances and create a dance, piece of art or a poem to reflect their favourite piece or month. If they would like to go further and compose their own piano piece, it could even end up being professionally recorded! Our favourite entries will be featured on the forthcoming 2022 calendar, or as part of the multi-media album.

This month's featured video:

March (Song of the Lark)

You can listen to all the recorded pieces on our YouTube channel here.

If you would like to hear more of Madalina's playing, please look at upcoming events and recitals - we look forward to welcoming you to Keys soon!