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"I'll play it first

and tell you what it's called later

Miles Davis

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          To be a successful musician you need to be able to do much more than interpret written notation. Our creative programme also encourages children to explore, improvise and compose, enabling them to understand the way music is built and communicated, and guiding them to finding their own style. 

Jeni Warder, Head of Keys Creative 

Our Creative programme aims to secure the following knowledge and skills, and is a natural progression from a completed Foundation course, as well as a starting point for older beginners. The course covers: 

  • Understanding key signatures, major and minor, and how to use the circle of 5ths.

  • Reading standard notation including rhythm and pitch

  • Scales, keys, chords and chord progressions 

  • How to accompany songs using chord sequences

  • Specific piano skills required up to grade 4/5 level (exams optional)

  • Playing from lead sheets

  • Songwriting

  • Knowledge and recognition of key piano composers

  • Improvisation and composition

We use the group format of the Creative programme to the advantage of our students. They work together on collaborative tasks, play duets and play to each others strengths. While some lessons will focus on the individual needs of each child, others will require them to use what they have learnt to combine musical ideas and perform together. The group culture also fosters a supportive atmosphere and often generates a little friendly competition which is great for encouraging practice at home! 

per month/over 12 months



Classes are 40 minutes long and take place during weekday evenings and on Saturday mornings. There are up to 5 children in a class. We teach term time only, but payments are spread evenly throughout the year. Please see our parents' information page for more details on dates, payments and T&Cs.

Included in fees:

  • 34 lessons throughout the year

  • Practice diary

  • Practice support via WhatsApp groups

  • All books and resources

  • Participation in one Junior Recital 

  • Two free tickets for Junior Recital

To add your child's name to our Creative waiting list, please contact Jeni Warder at

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