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"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets. To play a wrong note is insignificant;

to play without passion is inexcusable" 


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          There never seems to be enough time to finish studying, and the journey of learning is never ending. But on this way, there are so many incredible milestones that we will help our Academy students achieve, and through our passion, vision and inspiration, we encourage our students to overcome any challenge. There are no limits to anyone's potential, with dedication, hard work, passion. Our aim is not only to produce fine musicians, but also teach how to collaborate, create, and sculpt unique talents. Our academy students are guided into the steps of becoming their own entity into their music learning, and shaping their musical personalities and visions of their art. 

Madalina Rusu, Head of Keys Academy 

Our Academy programme is based on the following priorities: 


  • to achieve a strong, secure piano technique 

  • to develop a variety of repertoire, knowledge about styles, composers, and have experience of playing pieces of each style and eras

  • frequent performances at Keys and outside Keys

  • collaboration with teachers and other students

  • frequent workshops of interesting topics that all our students can get involved in

  • encouraging each child to fulfill their own potential and dreams, tailoring our programme to suit each child's personality and capability 

  • frequent recitals of members of staff, and produce recordings made available to Keys

  • introductions of other world class pianists and other instrumentalists to inspire our children onto their musical journey

In order to focus teaching at a higher level, Academy students are taught in a one-to-one lesson once a week. Each child will have their own teacher for these sessions. Practice on a good instrument at home on a daily basis is essential to maintain progress and engagement. Attendance at workshops and recitals means that children benefit from a wide range of experiences to take back to their weekly lessons. 



       I started learning the piano when I was 5, in a small group taught by Jeni. Now I have lessons in the Keys Academy and I am ready to take my Grade 2 exam. I have even composed my own pieces of music with my teacher's help. I really enjoy the recitals and workshops - learning the piano at Keys is really fun. 

Esme, 10, Keys Academy

per month/over 12 months



Classes are 30 minutes long and take place during weekday evenings and on Saturday mornings. We teach term time only, but payments are spread evenly throughout the year. Please see our parents' information page for more details on dates, payments and T&Cs.

Included in fees:

  • 34 lessons throughout the year

  • Practice diary

  • All books and resources

  • ​Three Academy workshops per year

  • Participation in 2 Junior Recitals

  • Two free tickets for each Junior Recital

Please note we do not take children directly into our Academy, entrance is by invitation via the Foundation or Creative programmes. 

To find out more about our Academy programme, please contact Madalina Rusu at

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