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Everything your diary needs to know for the academic year 2022-23.

View a copy of the calendar here.

Term Dates 2022-23

Autumn Term 2022 first lessons Mon12/09, last lessons Mon 12/12

Half term Mon 24/10 - Sat 29/10 inc | Catch up week Tue 16/12 - Mon 19/12


Spring Term 2023 first lessons Sat 07/01, last lessons Sat 25/03

Half term Mon 20/02 - Sat 25/02 inc | Catch up week Mon 27/03 - Sat 01/04


Summer Term 2023 first lessons Mon 17/04, last lessons Sat 15/07

Half term Mon 29/05 - Fri 02/06 inc | Catch up week Mon 17/07 - Sat 22/07

Lessons are only taught in catch up weeks if this is arranged with your teacher.   

Foundation Events

Foundation Showcase

8 Jul

Creative Events

Invite to Academy Workshops

15 Oct and 4 Nov

Theme and Variations concert

4 Mar

Gig Afternoon

10 Jun

Academy Events

Autumn Workshop - 15 Oct

Autumn Recital - 13 Nov

Spring Workshop - 4 Mar

Spring Recital - 12 Mar

Exams - 28/29 March

Summer Workshop - 20 May

Whole school events: 
Christmas Concert: Saturday 3 Dec
Rachmaninoff and Theme and Variations Concert: Saturday 4 Mar

Terms and Conditions 



Fees are taken the 3rd of each month, through GoCardless, at the set rate for each programme.

Please note that payments are over 12 months.

How we calculate fees:

Each course offers 34 weekly, term time sessions, and various levels of books, workshops, recitals and event tickets. The yearly total is then split into 12 equal payments, taken from September to August via GoCardless on the 3rd of the month. Generally speaking, two monthly payments covers one half term of the course:


Autumn term 1st half: September and October Payments 

Autumn term 2nd half: November and December Payments

Spring term 1st half: January and February Payments 

Spring term 2nd half: March and April Payments

Summer term 1st half: May and June Payments 

Summer term 2nd half: July and August Payments


Termination of lessons 

Notice can be given to finish at the end of a full term or half term, and payments will then be terminated according to the timeline above. Notice can be verbal, but needs to be recieved at least one week before the end of the term or half term at which the student wishes to cease lessons. This is to allow staff the time to ensure continuity for others and fill empty spaces.

Catch Up Lessons

Catch up weeks are reserve weeks at the end of term that we use in the event of a session being cancelled due to teacher illness or other distruption. 

Catch ups will be given in the following circumstances:

FunKeys, Foundation, Creative, Kinetic: Catch ups are only given in the event of teacher cancellation

Academy, Adult sessions: Catch ups can also be requested by a student, providing they have given at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, and only once per term. All catch ups are at the discretion of the teacher, and in some circumstances it may only be teacher-cancelled lessons that recieve catch ups. 

If a teacher cancels a lesson and cannot offer this back during catch up week, a refund will be offered for that session. 

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