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Everything your diary needs to know for the academic year 2020-21.

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Term Dates 2020-21


Lessons are only taught in catch up weeks if this is arranged with your teacher.   

Foundation Events

Duets Festival - 12th & 13th March

Showcase - 25th June

Creative Events

Duets Festival - 12th & 13th March 

Academy Events

Autumn Workshop - 2nd Oct

Autumn Recital - 17th Oct

Spring Workshop - 26th Feb

Autumn Duets Festival - 12th & 13th March

Exams - 24th March

Summer Workshop - 21st May

Other Events:
The Seasons Re-Invented Launch -13th November
Joint Concert with The Mastersingers (Academy Plus) - 9th July

Terms and Conditions 



Fees are taken the 3rd of each month, through GoCardless, at the set rate for each programme.

Please note that payments are over 12 months.

The Autumn term lessons, resources, workshops, recitals etc are paid for in the four payments in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. Spring term fees are paid in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, and Summer term fees in May, Jun, Jul, Aug.  

34 teaching weeks are included in every academic year, broadly in line with school terms. 


Missed lessons 

If a teacher cancels any lesson for any reason, you will be offered a replacement lesson in one of the three catch-up weeks throughout the year. (See dates in yellow on calendar). 

If student cancels an individual lesson with at least a week’s notice, then we will also replace this lesson, up to a maximum of one per term. Lessons cancelled at shorter notice will not be guaranteed a catch up lesson. 

Please note that missed group lessons cannot be replaced, and refunds cannot be given for any missed lessons.

Termination of lessons


If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, this can be done at the end of each term (Christmas, Easter and summer holidays). A lessons slot will remain available for the student and payments will remain due until the agreed finish date in December, April or August.