"When you play, never mind who listens" 


Our students are encouraged to perform as much as possible. Our Junior Recitals are a great opportunity to practice performance skills and celebrate progress with friends and family. Our Academy Recitals take place in the Autumn and Spring terms, and our Creative and Foundation Recitals in the summer term. For more details, see our students information page.

          It doesn't matter if I go wrong at the recital, because one day I'll be awesome. and then everyone will see how far I've come!        

Honey, 8

Our recitals take place at The URC of St. Andrew and St. George in Bolton town centre. Parking is most convenient at the Top Way NCP carpark.

Students automatically receive two tickets for the events which are included in the monthly fees. If you would like to buy extra tickets, please do so via the links below, and show the confirmation either as a print out or on your phone at the door.

8 November 2020

Junior Recital by Keys Academy @ 4pm

Our 8-16 year old Keys Academy students perform their Autumn term Recital.

8 November 2020

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Jeni Warder June 2020