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Options for Adults

"It may well be that some composers do not believe in God. All of them, however, believe in Bach."



          We understand that returning to learning as an adult can be challenging. We face more interruptions to life, more complex responsibilities and we can feel restricted when finding time to pursue new adventures. We therefore want to make our sessions as simple as possible to enable us to make learning accessible to everyone. 

Jeni Warder, Creative Director 

We offer the following routes for adults: 


Evening courses

These are available in 4-week blocks, and take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm in term time. Courses run in:

  • Music theory at various levels (suitable for players of any instrument.)

  • Music history and appreciation (no playing required!)

  • General beginner piano

  • Improvisation and playing by ear

Please visit our evening courses page for more information and to book

Online course

If you pay to access our online beginner course, you will be able to download 8 lessons to get you started. Each 'lesson' would probably take longer than one session to cover in a 1:1 or group lesson, so it is great value, and a good starting point to see if you enjoy playing. In the online course we cover:

  • Finding and naming the notes on the piano

  • Basic reading of rhythm and pitch notation

  • General terms related to dynamic, tempo, time

  • Major and minor chords 

  • A mixture of classical and contemporary styles

Please visit our online course page for more information

Weekly 1:1 lessons

If you would prefer weekly lessons, please get in touch via the contact form below.

per month/over 12 months



approx £14.80 per lesson

Classes are 30 minutes long and take place on weekdays between 9.30 and 2.30pm. We teach term time only, but payments are spread evenly throughout the year. Please see our students' information page for more details on dates, payments and T&Cs. We have some availability for one-off lessons at £16 depending on our timetables. 

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       I really enjoy learning the piano as an adult. It's a new skill, I find it satisfying when I have learnt to play and new piece, and I can follow my daughter's pieces too. Keys has a very modern approach to teaching the piano. It is not learning from a textbook but we are able to grasp the concepts and information seems to be absorbed a lot faster! 

Jade, Keys for Life

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