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Coffee morning


We are delighted to be hosting a Coffee Morning Recital Series, performed by our resident performer and head of Academy, concert pianist Madalina Rusu,

who joined the Keys team in September 2020.

On Friday mornings starting in September '21, you are invited to join us for an exciting variety of Madalina mastery, from Bach to Bartok, fugue to fantasy. Each delightful 45-minute recital will be followed by coffee and cake for the perfect Friday morning treat!


Madalina Rusu was

magnificent – a pianist of exceptional talent with a phenomenal technique.  She played a long and demanding programme which required great endurance and she acheived a level of artistic excellence not often heard in such a young pianist.        

Phoebe Woolam, Bleinheim Concerts 2009

For all upcoming events, visit our events page

You can find out more about Madalina at or get in touch at

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