The Keys Progression

Children enter Keys through our Foundation programmeusually between the ages of 5 and 7 (in reception, year 1, or year 2). These group sessions teach all the foundations of musical skills, piano technique, notation reading and performance that will be needed to the highest level at a later stage. This programme usually lasts about 2 years. Find out more about Foundation here

Once basic reading and playing skills have been developed, and children have some independence in their practice, they have the option to progress into our Academy or Creative programmes. The Academy programme delivers a comprehensive musical training in classical piano through one to one weekly lessons (term time), recitals, termly workshops and exams. Keys Creative focusses on collaborative projects, pop music, improvisation and composition through weekly group lessons which culminate in a gig-style presentation with a live band in the summer term.

Jeni Warder 2020